FAQs – Spaces by Bella
FREE Delivery & Pick-Up on all orders!



Why should I use Spaces by Bella?

Style, flexibility, and a focus on you!

With rental options, we understand that it’s hard to find pieces that match your personal taste. We’re proud to offer furniture rentals with style, so that you can create a home that you love.

Our convenient month-to-month subscription plan gives you the flexibility needed to have that at-home feeling, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

As a small business, we place your needs first and make sure to provide a personalized approach throughout the entire rental process!

Do you work with stagers?

Yes, we do! We’re a sister company of Bella Staging & Design, so as stagers, we get you...

Renting is a great option for stagers who choose to not purchase/warehouse their own furniture or those who are needing to supplement inventory due to supply chain delays.

Our monthly subscription plan gives you the flexibility to offer competitive pricing and short-term rentals to your clients!


What’s your exchange policy?

Your satisfaction is important to us! If you’re not happy with an item, you’ll have 3 days after the initial delivery to decide if you want to keep it or swap it.

If you choose to swap within the 3-day trial period, we’ll deliver your new item within 7 business days, free of charge!

If you choose to swap after the 3-day trial period, we’ll charge a one-time $99 transportation fee to the card on file. Once the transaction is completed, we’ll deliver your new item within 7 business days.

Is there a minimum rental length?

We require a 1-month furniture rental subscription, with the option to renew for as many months as you would like!

Do you have an order minimum?

To start (and continue) your monthly subscription plan, you must have at least $299 in your cart.

How do I change or update my payment info?

New card? No problem! To change or update your payment info, please visit your customer portal. If you need additional assistance, contact our customer service representative, Rachel, at hello@spacesbybella.com.

Do you keep my card information on file?

Yes, our encrypted payment platform, with bank level security, will store your card information for your recurring monthly payments.

When will my card be charged each month?

The card on file will be charged on the same day of the month that you initially checked out.

Will I be charged any additional fees that aren’t a part of my monthly subscription?

No, but we do have a few exceptions. Please see our fee structure below!

Charge Amount

Fee to reschedule delivery (if less than 48 hours before the initial delivery date): $49


Missed delivery window fee: $99


Item swap transportation fee after the 3-day trial period: $99


Emergency pick-up fee: $199



Where do you deliver? 

We deliver to Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas! To find out if you’re included in our service area, please head to the zip code finder on the Home Page of our website.

How long will it take for me to get my delivery?

Waiting for deliveries is no fun, so we promise to deliver your items within 7 business days after your order is placed!

Should I reserve my service elevator?

Yes, please! Reserving your service elevator will make sure that the delivery process is as smooth as possible.

We will not cover any fees associated with reserving the service elevator.

Do you deliver to walk ups?

Yes, we’re happy to deliver to walk-ups that range between 2-4 floors!

What if something doesn't fit through the door?

You can find the dimensions of each piece under the description on our website. We ask that you measure all entryways prior to our arrival, to make sure that the furniture will fit.

Our delivery specialists are highly skilled at moving in large items, but they won’t be able to alter the entryways in any way.

What condition will my items arrive in?

Each piece goes through a quality check, prior to delivery.  Our pieces are either new or have been gently used and may have normal wear and tear. You won’t be held responsible for any pre-existing imperfections.

Our goal is to renew and refurbish each piece to the best of our ability, so you can feel proud to have it in your home!

What if I need to reschedule my delivery?

Please email our customer service representative, at hello@spacesbybella.com, at least 48 hours before your scheduled delivery date.

If you request to reschedule your delivery 48 hours or less before your scheduled delivery date, there will be a one-time $49 restocking fee, which will be charged to the card on file.

What happens if I miss my delivery window?

If you miss your delivery window, there will be a one-time $99 fee to reschedule the delivery, which will be charged to the card on file.

Will you get rid of my old furniture?

Our delivery specialists can only move Spaces by Bella furniture pieces.

How do I schedule my delivery?

During the check-out process, you will receive an email from our customer service rep to then schedule a delivery date/time.

We ask that you’re present during the delivery so that each piece can be inspected and approved.

After the initial month of my subscription, do I need to notify you of my wishes to continue into the second month?

No! Our secure payment platform will automatically charge the card on file on a recurring monthly basis, for as many months as you would like to keep your items!

Do you charge a fee for delivery or pickup?

All deliveries and pick-ups are free of charge! Exceptions include swap outs after the 3-day trial period (AKA transportation fee), missed delivery windows, and emergency pick-ups.

How do I cancel my upcoming delivery and pickup?

To cancel your upcoming delivery or pick-up, please email our customer service representative at hello@spacesbybella.com.

How do pick-ups work?

When you’re ready to part with your items, please notify our customer service representative, at hello@spacesbybella.com, at least 5 business days before the end of your current rental month to schedule the pick-up.

What if I need an emergency pick-up?

If you forget to notify us at least 5 business days before the end of your rental month, we will consider this an emergency pick-up.

Emergency pick-ups will be subject to a one-time $199 fee, which will be charged to the card on file.


How will you inspect each piece for damages during the pickup process?

Our delivery specialists will look over each piece to inspect any possible damages. We want you to be able to live freely on your furniture, so we expect normal wear and tear!

Each piece is taken on a case by case basis, and if our team thinks that damages are beyond normal wear and tear, but still able to be restored, a one-time cleaning fee may be charged to card on file.

If something is beyond repair, you may be subject to the wholesale replacement cost.

What if I have pets?

We are pet people too! We just ask that Rufus doesn’t chew through a coffee table leg and Muffin doesn’t scratch her claws down the side of our upholstered pieces.

Each piece will be taken on a case-by-case basis, and if irreversible pet damage does occur, please see our “How will you inspect each piece for damages or repair during the pickup process?” question above.

What if the pieces that are delivered do not meet my expectations?

Refer to the question above "What’s your exchange policy?". 


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your monthly subscription, please email our customer service representative, at hello@spacesbybella.com. 

What happens if I’m moving?

Moving is cool, as long as it’s still within our service area!

If you’re moving within our service area, please reach out to our customer service representative, at hello@spacesbybella.com with your new address, and your monthly subscription plan will continue without a hitch!

If you’re hiring movers, be sure to let them know that you’ll be responsible for any damages that happen to our pieces during the moving process.

If you’re moving outside of our service area, please let us know at least 5 business days before the end of your current subscription month, so we can schedule the pick-up!